In turn , this puts more responsibility of scouting services to identify Madden NFL 23-ready receivers immediately which allows teams to Mut 23 Coins increase their production with cheap contract, subsidized rookies -before moving forward.

While it's likely that we'd have seen these contracts rise by themselves, there's no doubt that Jacksonville's decision to sign Christian Kirk expedited the process. Players who would have accepted $80-90M deals are now seeking 120-140 million. The annual cost has increased from $15 million to an estimated $30M. It is not a secret that the representatives for both Davante and Tyreek Hill mentioned Kirk's contract in negotiating their new deals, and as the result, each Green Bay and Kansas City have weaker teams now because of.

This new standard isn't something that Madden NFL 23 was prepared forand is sure to be fascinating to watch it unfold over the next 3-4 years. If the cap for salary rises drastically, or teams be required to change completely how they're running their business and constructing teams. Or, whichever way you look at it, we'll have the Jaguars to thank.

Tom Brady's return to the Madden NFL 23 will be somewhat irritating for many of us. It was the obvious conclusion that. 12 would return. But there's one person who is extremely unhappy over the news -- and it's hilarious.

A Saturday night, an unnamed bidder purchased the ball from Tom Brady's last touchdown catch for $518K according to Buy Madden 23 Coins auction site Lelands. Within 24 hours, it became a regular touchdown ball. It is surely one of the most hilarious, precipitous drops in the worth of a piece sporting memorabilia that has ever existed.