Although the Vikings normally powerful offense was Mut 23 coins on full display this afternoon however, it was the team's often-ignorant defense that earned the Vikes the victory. Along with causing five turnovers throughout this game, their defense was a constant threat to Brett Favre with a smack twice, and forcing him to throw bad passes throughout the game. It was a typical performance for Vikings defense, however the outcome was one that which the team will surely be able to endure.

The Final Score Minnesota 43 - 41, Green Bay - 33 Winner of the game: E.J. Henderson 11 tackles, 1 sack 2 INT We'll see you next Friday, as we'll be simulating how divisional rounds play out in the NFL playoffs! Madden NFL 23 Designer Diary #4

Madden NFL 23 comes scheduled to roll to be released in a matter of weeks. It will introduce a wide range of brand new options, including online play and brand new game modes and more. It will also offer players a single, solid city to play in and will enable the new type of gameplay that designers have named "Own the city." This is our 4th Madden NFL 23 designer diary, EA designer Matt McEnerney discusses the details of what this new mode will bring.

Own the City by Matt McEnerney Game Designer, EA Tiburon They're not visible however, he does have springs inside his shoes. The most under-appreciated part of design for games is significance of teamwork.

Through the development process, the majority of games are a collaboration with multiple producers, designers engineers, designers, and artists as well as support from quality assurance, marketing, as well as legal department.

However, Madden NFL 23's Own the City mode was a blend of many different ideas from various people over the course of the time of the game. The idea was born from the idea of having a city that had many distinct regions, rather than the initial NLF Street. We decided on creating a number of regions that were modeled after regional areas. The notion of having the top club in our city arose and, to cheap madden 23 coins be the best team, the idea of having teams from local clubs in every neighborhood was born.