These cards can FIFA 23 Coins fluctuate dramatically in price depending on the performance of the team and player - as well as this year, likely based on their nation's performances, too. You can see this in the price charts on FUT comparison websites, where a star striker will rise in value prior to the game, and then go through the roof after scoring, or drop without a trace when their team goes behind.

The most effective method to earn money from the cards is to purchase them during neutral periods keep them in your possession, and then to sell them once the hype is over. For instance, the Liverpool's Darwin Nunez has had a slow start to his life in Merseyside with two goals from the league over his opening seven games.

After an unsatisfactory 3-3 draw against Brighton and with more difficult fixtures to come the OTW price - which was released just three days after his release - has been hovering around 70k. If a savvy gambler chooses this low moment to purchase one, then consider selling it before the next Liverpool game starts off, particularly when Nunez is included in the lineup. A riskier investor could be able to hold the stock through the game with the hope that it will be a winner, but the risk is much greater.

One thing to watch out to look out for with OTW cards is when upgrades are already 'priced in'. Everybody knows that Man City are going to play 3/8 games to secure Haaland their first OTW upgrade, as an example and that's a big part of the reason for his high in-game cost. Don't be deceived by players that will surely get those three wins in hopes that they'll increase in value when the time arrives. In all likelihood, that will simply lead to lots of individuals trying to profit while simultaneously which will drive the cost down.

Ultimately, Ones to Watch cards can be predicted in certain ways and unpredictably in other. The unpredictability is what draws people to them, but understanding those predictable peaks and dips - purchasing when they're down, selling in buying FIFA 23 Coins the hype - is the way to generate coins using them.