Jacobs & Co.

Astronomical Tourbillon

Artistic Static 4 Skeletons


Astronomia is the embodiment of ultra-high-end watchmaking in the 21st century, a globally recognized symbol of Jacob& Co watchmaking technology. A world first, with its unprecedentedly daring concept and fully mechanical construction, Astronomia has surpassed an impressive horological achievement to become an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering achievement.

The Astronomical Art Collection showcases individual works of art that combine bold creativity and design with artisan expertise. These artworks are then placed inside the Astronomia tourbillon, using its sapphire crystal case as a gallery while still displaying the Astronomia tourbillon movement.

Astronomia Four Skulls high quality replica watches are presented in 18k rose gold carved skull catacombs with cabochon ruby ​​eyes. The skull is intertwined with the iconic Astronomia's four-arm vertical movement and its famous moons.

Memorial Mori

Throughout history, still life depictions of skulls have brought a range of emotions. For the Astronomia Four Skulls, the 50mm 18K rose gold case showcases the iconic Astronomia four-arm vertical movement, with a skull placed on each quarter of the dial on an aventurine base. One of the most prominent features of the three-dimensional skull is the cabochon ruby ​​eye.

make a skull

A souvenir display of the four skulls made in 18k rose gold by world-class metalsmiths using old world techniques. Each skull is cast, then handcrafted and polished using modern and ancient tools. A gem setter places a cabochon ruby ​​in the eye of the skull. The skull is then carefully placed on the aventurine dial inside the Astronomia four-arm vertical movement without disturbing the operation of the exposed movement. They can do this because the layout of the displays is first designed using a computer to properly size each piece of art and mechanics so that they share the space in perfect harmony.luxury replica watches


The tourbillon was originally invented to improve the timekeeping performance of pocket watches. The Astronomia Tourbillon brings this 200-year-old complication to an astonishing level of modern sophistication and sophistication.

The double-axis tourbillon of the Astronomia Four Skulls is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The beautifully decorated cage houses the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and several other important components. This outstanding tourbillon features a skeletonized frame that rotates on two axes simultaneously. It is a constellation of delicate components, expertly assembled and fine-tuned, the Astronomia movement keeps accurate time during its 60-hour power reserve.

A full rotation of the first axis takes 60 seconds and the second axis 5 minutes. Designed with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology and timeless horological traditions in mind, the result is a bold new way of how the tourbillon works.watch replica swiss

Jacob Cut Diamonds

The Jacob cut is the signature cut of diamonds and gemstones found on all Jacob & Co. Astronomia timepieces. It always marks its presence on one arm of the Astronomia's vertical movement, and sometimes it graces other parts of its oversized watch. It is a unique work of innovation, creativity and execution.

Ball stones are a unique cut exclusive to Jacob & Co.

The Jacob-Cut diamond starts out as a larger rough, up to twice the size of the finished stone. Rough diamonds are first machine cut into spherical shapes close to the size of the final diamond. Then a master gem cutter goes to work, hand shaping the gem and cutting each of the 288 facets while maintaining its shape. The danger is that the stone will become rectangular and lose its round shape. To be used in the Astronomia collection, the Jacob-Cut diamond must be perfectly round and of exactly the same weight as the other three satellites (time display, three-axis tourbillon, magnesium ball) to maintain the stability of the movement. One carat is the standard size, but other sizes have been specified depending on how the movement is used in the movement.

Another challenge was ensuring the exact dimensions of the facets. If the gem cutter puts a little too much pressure on the gem when adding facets, too many diamonds will be cut off, and the sphere will be too small to be useful. The cutting process requires at least two weeks of dedicated, hard work.replica Zenith Pilot

Jacob-Cut is best known for Astronomia watches, a diamond that extends from one of the four arms of the vertical Astronomia movement. It spins at different speeds, depending on other elements and themes of the watch. However, cuts have been applied to coloured stones and otherwise placed in dials.

Magnesium ball

The globe is made of magnesium with hand-painted blue lacquer and features rose gold continents. It's done in a way that ensures consistent weights, as all four satellites must be exactly the same weight. The globe also rotates at different speeds depending on its application.

Case and crystal

The Astronomia Four Skulls case is 50mm in diameter and 25mm thick, and sits between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of the case. Made of 18K gold and sapphire crystal, it allows you to enjoy unobstructed views of the spectacular movement and the artwork inside.

Dial and hands

The Astronomia's time display sub-dial is driven by a differential system that remains level and legible as it rotates on the front of the Astronomia with the movement's four-arm platform. The Roman numerals on the skeletonized titanium dial are hand-engraved and filled with black lacquer, while the hand-finished hands are rendered in gun blue metal.replica watches usa