The league has discussed in the past about establishing the team into London full-time . It is on track for hitting the goal of 2022. It is believed that Madden NFL 23 is done quite a bit to ensure there's no shortage of teams who travel to London for games each year Mut 23 coins, with rules for teams who have won the Super Bowl bid have to sacrifice a home game within five years. In the wake of hosting just three games last season London hosts three more games this season. All of them have already been sold out.

In the absence of the Rugby World Cup, the league would have had at least four events in London during the season, according to the report, and there's an excellent chance that it will happen in the year 2016. The next step is when Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 hopes to expand its reach into the other parts of the world.

It's been a busy week for the Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is picking up steam as a possible head coach. With the three top NCAA coaches electing to return to their colleges -- Brian Kelly (Notre Dame), Chip Kelly (Oregon) and Bill O'Brien (Penn State) -- the market has narrowed for teams that have vacancies at HC.

The Eagles, Jaguars and Chargers are three teams that are looking for an effective head coach. However, the majority of potential candidates are keen or are too focused on the postseason.

This has led that Bengals OC, brother of Jon Gruden, the Super Bowl winner coach who won the Super Bowl, to rise to the top of a few teams' rankings this week. The Chargers are a potential option, but after signing former Colts personnel director Tom Telesco as their GM I would be thinking that Bruce Arians is the favorite madden 23 coins cheap.