Try to OSRS gold keep calm once you reach jad, eventually take a break. It is also possible to practice some prayer swapping at some critters, I bet there's one that use two strikes someplace.

I coached most my battle through dung therefore its a bit all over the area. What levels should I be getting and to what level? Additionally, which stat do you believe is far better to get up... For instance carry str into 99? . Arham4 explained that... You're at the opportune level to train Combat through Slayer. Below is the equipment I suggest you get. I will add choices as well.

Some notes: The Slayer Helm is obtained after finishing Smoking Kills, a quest I strongly recommend you finish before beginning Slayer seriously, when you get 400 Slayer Points performing jobs. The best way to get things is do Mazchna's tasks on tasks 1-9 and the highest Slayer Master's task for task 10.

I'd do Slug Menace for Proselyte and RFD to get Barrows Gloves. Consistently use offensive Truth about all of your tasks for quicker kills. The $ you make will break you even. Do Farm Runs to lessen the loss gap, which will go out after a few farm runs that day.

Ranged tank - I'm producing this since I love range, and are interested in being in a position to PVP too. I've heard these are extremely good and enjoyable. Stats? This is what I am thinking, however I do want guidance to cheap RS gold make it simpler! Range - 90 / 99max eventually. Defense - XX - Not sure, what would be the best? I assume around 80 for the very best armor and eventually 99. HP(constitution)- As low as possible? To maintain CB down to pking.